Farming mentoring program

What is a farming mentoring program?

The farming mentoring program or farm mentorship is a program that trains farmers on ways to thrive. It pairs new, upcoming, and aspiring farmers (mentees) with experienced farmers and agribusiness practitioners (mentors). The program subsequently helps farmers to transform their agricultural investment into a profitable venture that fits the definition of agribusiness.

Here are some of the benefits of our farm mentoring program:


Our mentors are farmers with wide hands-on farming experiences in modern-day farming. These highly-skilled volunteer farmers and agribusiness professionals have the passion and zeal to guide young people through the process of running agriculture as a business. We partner with the best farming mentors who lead and teach by example. They leverage their strong track record of agricultural success and stewardship.


There are hundreds or even thousands of young people out there looking for an opportunity to learn something about farming. Many of these individuals are eager to do agriculture as a business rather than a way of life but are locked out of this lucrative sector by the lack of appropriate skills.

At, we believe that access to information should no longer be a barrier to the success of youth agripreneurs in this digital age. That’s why we’ve taken the role of bridging the gap between the “information-seeker” and potential “information-givers.”

The mentorship program aims to link mentees to mentors who understand what it really means to run an agribusiness enterprise. It establishes valuable connections that allow these upcoming agripreneurs to get the experiences, support, and insights to become successful farmers.

In short, the mentorship program can help you to acquire new skills and develop unique strategies to build resilience and subsequently achieve your agribusiness goals.

Act Now

Learning is a continuous process. For modern farmers, the search for new knowledge is a prerequisite to success. Knowledge has become a vital asset; you need it, and you can share it.

Maybe you’ve many years of first-hand experience as a farmer or an agribusiness practitioner and would like to empower young people with new knowledge. Or you’ve your agribusiness ambitions to achieve, but struggling with knowing where to begin from.

Still, it could be that you’ve heard about agriculture as a business and want to try it out, but don’t know how to start. Whatever your situation may be, our free Farming Mentorship Program is for you.

For those of you who can mentor, the place is here, and the opportunity is ripe to pass new knowledge to the next generation of farmers. If you’re experienced in any area of agribusiness, you can drive youth success just by sharing your skills. Already, millions of young people are willing to put in the work, invest the time, and pay the physical demands that farming requires.

Join our mentorship community and claim your breakthrough. That’s because we think of mentorship as a win-win game; mentees get the skills, mentors get referrals from their mentees whom they can, at the same time, convert into loyal customers.

Now is the time! Join our free farming mentorship program. The platform is here to acquire the skills or share the wealth of valuable information you’ve gathered and utilized over the years to successfully manage your agricultural empire.

Ready to join?

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