What is Eucalyptus species?

If you are not a tree specialist, a commercial tree grower, an environmentalist, then you may be wondering what eucalyptus grandis is. Well, this amazing tree belongs to a species of trees called eucalyptus which are commonly known by the name, “gum trees.” Its origin is traced to Australia where it is one of the most common trees. However, eucalyptus grandis is also the dominant tree in the coastal areas and sub-coastal ranges from Newcastle in New South Wales northwards to west of Daintree in Queensland. It is found in many parts of the world, but in that’s a story for another day. In this website, our main focus is on the commercial side rather than the origin and history. So, below, I give a brief summary of this tree and how it looks like just to let you know exactly what we are talking about before we delve into its financial side.


  • Scientific: Eucalyptus grandis,
  • Common name: flooded gum or rose gum or gum trees
  • Approximate height at maturity: 160-260 feet (50-80 metres)
  • Approximate breath: 3 m (9.8 ft) dbh
  • Bark: rough brownish bark; sometimes white, pale- or blue-grey to white, smooth and powdery.
  • Leaves: arranged alternately along the branches.

Below are some cool photos of eucaplyptus grandis.

Stem of a Mature E. grandis
3-Month old E. grandis

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