Top 22 financial institutions offering agribusiness loans to farmers in Kenya

Access to starting capital is a major issue for many Kenyan youths who want to venture into farming. The problem is not that Kenyan banks do not offer farm finance (agribusiness loans or agri-loans). In fact, a good percent of banks and other financial institutions in Kenya have at least one type of farm loan. However, most young Kenyans are ignorant of existing financial institutions offering agribusiness loans.

In some cases, the youth find it difficult to secure agri-loans because many Kenyan banks are never willing to take the risk of giving youth loans. This is particularly true for the case of those young people who are out of formal employment. Still, if you are a young person looking hoping to invest in farming in Kenya, you are probably asking yourself this question: where can I get a farming loan in Kenya? Or how do I get poultry loans, dairy loans, cow loans, or goat loans in Kenya?

Here is a list of 22 banks and financial institutions that give loans to farmers in Kenya:  Barclays Bank, CFC Stanbic Bank, Co-operative Bank of Kenya, Family Bank, Juhudi Kilimo, Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB), Sidian Bank, Kenya Women Finance Trust, Letshego, Musoni Microfinance, Century Microfinance Bank, BIMAS Kenya, ECLOF Kenya, Rafiki Microfinance Bank Limited, Inuka Africa, Faulu Kenya, Equity Bank Group, VisionFund Kenya, SMEP Microfinance Bank, Jitegemea, F3 Life Company Limited, Agri finance Corporation, and Other Potential Financers.

1. Barclays Bank

First on the list of financial institutions offering agribusiness loans in Kenya is Barclays Bank. The bank has been a leader in supporting agriculture since 1744. With a team of Agriculture Managers across the world, their agribusiness funding portfolios are designed to empower growers and farmers to thrive and develop their agricultural enterprises.

Barclays finances agricultural ventures through its four programs including Farming Matters, Landed Estates, Energy & Environment, and Agri-Tech.

Contact Line: Adam John (Head of Agriculture), 07500 890101; Oliver McEntyre (National Agricultural Strategy Director) 07775 544363.

2. CFC Stanbic Bank

Originally known as CfC Stanbic Holdings Limited, CFC Stanbic Bank is another financial institution offering agribusiness loans. CFC supports farmers through their Agricultural Production Loan (APL). This short-term credit solution is meant to enable farmers to modernize their agricultural equipment and machinery. APL is suitable for group or individual farmers. The loan is granted for terms ranging between 6 and 24 months.

It also allows borrowers to acquire specific farm inputs such as herbicides and pesticides as well as seeds and fertilizers. With APL, farmers can meet the cost of repairing and maintaining their farm machinery as well as pay crop insurance premiums.

Contact: Visit Stanbic Bank Centre, Westlands Road, Chiromo, Nairobi, Kenya or Call: +254203268888

3. Co-operative Bank of Kenya

Co-op Bank is third on the list of financial institutions offering agriculture loans to farmers in Kenya. The company supports small-scale farmers through organized groups as well as co-operatives. Their many agribusiness financial assets aim to increase incomes and improve livelihoods among small-scale farmers in Kenya. They also aim to promote agribusiness and improve access to financial services, credit, and insurance.

Co-op bank has numerous loan portfolios for small-holder farmers

Maziwa Plus Loans: This loan targets dairy associations, groups, individuals, societies, and companies. You can borrow funds to buy dairy equipment, animals, or other assets.

Dairy groups/ associations, societies, individuals, and companies access loans for dairy production and value addition equipment including buying additional cows and chilling equipment. Societies or groups can borrow up to Kshs10 million while individuals can borrow up to Kshs. 1million. Maziwa Plus Loan has a repayment period ranging from 12-60 months.

Vuna Kilimo loans: Loans extended to farmer groups/ associations, societies, individuals, and companies to purchase farm equipment, and inputs as well as set up irrigation systems or greenhouses.

Tegemeo loans: Targets farmers looking for short-term loans to finance the supply of accredited buyers and aggregators.

Agro-processor/dealers loans: Loans offered to grain processors and traders, agribusiness dealers, and other processors stocking their businesses on a day-to-day basis.

Large Scale Loans: A loan program available for farmers who operate large-scale agriculture. It is aimed to enable these farmers to access farm equipment, working capital, and farm inputs.

Other Cooperative bank loans for farmers include input loans, loans for horticulture and horticulture producers, and asset finance loans.

4. Family Bank

Family Bank partners with governmental and non-governmental organizations like USAID to amplify their agricultural transformation agenda. Family Bank has several loan portfolios for farmers. Among their top loan programs are dairy financing, wheat, and barley loan, tea producer loans, Kilimo Biashara Loans (that helps farmers to meet costs related to land preparation and acquisition of farm inputs), grain trading finance, and input loans.

Contact: Family Bank, Kenya, +254 (0) 703 095 445; +254 (0) 703 095 000

5. Juhudi Kilimo

Juhudi Kilimo is a leading financial institution offering agribusiness loans to farmers in Kenya. They aim to improve the livelihoods of rural micro-entrepreneurs and smallholder farmers. Juhudi Kilimo loans are designed to meet the needs of farmers and micro-entrepreneurs.

Their loan offers for farmers include Crop Farming Loans, Animal Farming Loans, Farm Equipment Loans, Working Capital Loans, Clean Energy Loans, and Micro Housing Loans.

Contact: Call: +254 709 69 20 00, email:

6. Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB)

KCB cannot be left out of the list of top financial institutions offering agriculture loans to farmers in Kenya. I already discussed the Mavuno loan –a program operated by KCB in collaboration with Safaricom through DigiFarm.

In addition to Mavuno, KCB also has four other agribusiness loan programs for farmers as follows; Structured loan Contracted Crop loan, Horticulture loan, and Farm Development Loan.

7. Sidian Bank

Sidian Bank is another financial institution offering agribusiness loans. Sidian offers different types of loans to farmers for purposes such as purchasing farm inputs as well as acquiring farm equipment and machinery to increase agricultural production.

Sidian Bank finances individual farmers and Chama groups through their agro loans also called Kilimo Plus Microloans.

8. Kenya Women Finance Trust

KWFT is another supporter of agribusiness success in Kenya. Their Kilimo Bora Loan consists of seven sub-loan options for farmers in different farming niches.

The institution offers agribusiness loans to farmers in Kenya via their Dairy Farming Loans, Green House Farmers Kit, Aquaculture Farmers Loan, Mzinga Loans (designed for beekeepers), Input Finance Loans, Agro-dealer financing, and Poultry Farming Loans.

9. Letshego

The Letshego Group is a multinational organization offering finance solutions to more than 11 Sub-Saharan Markets. Headquartered in Gaborone, Botswana, the Letshego agribusiness loan portfolio covers loans for fish products, agriculture inputs, dairy, poultry, and biogas. You can get between KES 300k to 3m.

The downside of Letshego is that they tend to limit loan access to unemployed youth looking for loan amounts below 300k. If you’re not in formal employment, they will ask you for a logbook without which they will decline your loan request.

I made a trial with them. Below is a screenshot of my conversation with their agent. So, my take is that Letshego agri-finance favor youths who own a car, have a payslip, or some other big-value collateral.

If you’re looking for financial institutions offering agribusiness loans, it is a good idea to try your luck. My experience shouldn’t, however, discourage you from trying. Go ahead and make an attempt. You can visit Letshego at their head office located at Cape Office Park 2nd Floor, Box 52926 – 00200, Ring Rd., Kilimani, Nairobi, Kenya

Contact: +254 730687777,

10. Musoni Microfinance

Musoni aims to become the most efficient microfinance institution in Kenya by being data-driven, paperless, and cashless. They launched Kilimo Booster in 2016 with the objective of creating a loan specifically for farmers. Kilimo Booster can be borrowed as an individual or group (Group Kilimo Booster A, Group Kilimo Booster B, or Individual Kilimo Booster).

Head Office: Cape Office Park, Ring Rd Kilimani, P.O. Box 25351-00100, Nairobi, Kenya

Contact Center: Cell Phone; 0709761111, email:

11. Century Microfinance Bank

Century Microfinance Bank Limited is a microfinance company focusing on offering financial services to SMEs. They have at least seven different loan products (see here) two of which target agribusiness support: Mazao Loan and Mazao Factor.

Century Microfinance Bank’s Mazao Loan, also called Agricultural Loan, seeks to finance farm inputs and dairy improvements. This loan has a repayment period of 3-12 months. The beautiful aspect of Mazao Loan is that its grace period is negotiable depending on the crop cycle.

Another element you will love about this loan is that it gives you the opportunity to borrow up to KE 1,000,000 or even as low as KE 5,000.

Mazao Factor is a bit different from Mazao Loan. Through this loan, Century Microfinance Bank can pay a farmer upfront for up to 80% of the value of farm produce the farmer has delivered to an exporter, producer corporative, or a bulker.

Visit their head offices at Bihi Towers, 8th Floor, Moi Avenue, Nairobi, Kenya. They also have a Bungoma-based outlet, which is at Daima Plaza 1st floor, Mumias Road, Bungoma.

You can also write to them via P.O Box 38319-00623 Nairobi or Contact them directly through email or phone call:

Cell Phone: +254 756305132 or +254 722168721


12. BIMAS Kenya

Bimas Kenya is an enterprise and human development firm providing access to technical and financial assistance services to its customers. If you’ve interacted with this company, then you definitely know they’re specialists in the provision of financial and non-financial services to enhance economic productivity in rural areas.

BIMAS’s main objective is to improve people’s wellbeing and reduce poverty. Thus, they offer agribusiness loans to farmers in Kenya through their Agribusiness Loan product developed to finance Kenyans engaged in agricultural production.

BIMAS’s agribusiness loan aims to help Kenyan farmers to purchase farm inputs, invest in hybrid dairy cows, and acquire other farm animals.

BIMAS Kenya also supports fish farming, sheep farming, rabbit keeping, poultry farming, dairy goat farming, and beekeeping among other agribusiness ventures.

Recently, the organization introduced a new product branded Majikilimo Loan whose aim is to help horticulture farmers transit from substance to high-income agriculture.

Follow this link to apply for a BIMAS loan. For additional information on BIMAS loan products, contact them at +254 701 111 700.

13. ECLOF Kenya

If you’ve interacted with ECLOF Kenya, then you definitely know they’re specialists in the provision of financial and non-financial services to enhance economic productivity in rural areas. This company is among the top financial institutions offering farming loans to farmers in Kenya.

ECLOF Kenya’s Agribusiness Loan is a product geared toward facilitating farming in fruit, banana, flower, and horticulture as well as livestock. The grace period is responsive and the amount of loan you can borrow entirely depends on your financial needs.

ECLOF also offers training and advisory services to farmers on market and production links. Their contact information is as follows, but you can get in touch with them by filling a contact form here.

Call: 0721 344 699 or email;

14. Rafiki Microfinance Bank Limited

Founded in 2011, Rafiki is the premier relationship microfinance institution leading entrepreneurship transformation in Africa. Rafiki Microfinance Bank Limited cannot miss our list of the top financial institutions offering agribusiness loans to farmers in Kenya.

They specifically have farming loans intended to support farm players with cash requirements of farm equipment or assets, inputs, advances on-farm deliveries, and working capital requirements.

Contact Rafiki at 0711 073 000 or chat with them live by visiting their website located here.

15. Inuka Africa

Fifteenth on the list of agribusiness financers in Kenya is Inuka Africa. This company not only provides financial support to farmers at affordable rates but also focuses on training and capacity building for SMEs, especially in the agricultural sector.

Inuka Agri-loans loans are serviced over a period of up to 6 months.

Talk to Inuka Africa: Tel: +254 703 395 300 or Email:

16. Faulu Kenya

This list of the top financial institutions offering agribusiness loans to farmers in Kenya would be incomplete without Faulu Kenya. Why? I have a first-hand experience with Faulu. My observation is that, though a small micro-financial institution, Faulu is arguably one of the best places for Kenyan farmers looking for a loan.

Like the other banks I have mentioned above, Faulu Kenya has an agribusiness loan portfolio that has three sub-portfolios within it. Here is a list and description of each of the agribusiness loan products offered by Faulu Kenya

Green Gold Loan: A facility specifically targets tea farmers. It is designed to help the farmer to meet immediate financial needs. With Green Gold, farmers can access up to 75% of the value of their tea production over the past 3 years. The maximum loan amount is KE 500,000. The loan duration is 12 months.

Nafaka Loan: This product is for farmer traders specialized in cash crops like sorghum, wheat, and maize. You can take advantage of Nafaka Loan to help you to acquire financial inputs. A farmer can borrow between KES 5,000 to KE 3m. Nafaka Loan is repaid within 3-12 months.

Maziwa Loan: As the name suggests, Faulu’s Maziwa loan is a financial solution to dairy farmers. The repayment period is 3 years (36 months) and borrowers can access up to KE 3m.

Click this link for more on Faulu Loan products or make inquiries from Faulu’s agents via the following contact info


Cell phone: +254 711 074 000 or +254 711 074 074

Faulu Kenya has their head office located at Ngong lane, off Ngong Road, Nairobi, Kenya.

17. Equity Bank Group

Equity Bank Kenya Limited or Equity Group Holding is a well-known banking company in Kenya. Their primary agribusiness financing product for Kenyan farmers is Equity Kilimo Biashara Loan. The loan is designed to financially facilitate the business of stocking, manufacturing, exporting, importing, and selling agricultural equipment and products in Kenya.

The intended beneficiaries are agro-processors, agro-dealers, agro-importers and exporters, and agro-manufacturers. The amount you can borrow is up to you. However, before approving your loan request, the bank thoroughly considers your ability to repay.

Click here for more information on Equity Bank’s Kilimo Biashara Loan or contact them via this link.

18. VisionFund Kenya

VisionFund Kenya is a Christian microfinance institution. The organization is a creation of the international charity World Vision International. They call their agribusiness loan initiative “Agricultural finance.”

The agri-finances under this program are intended to support vulnerable and rural smallholder farmers to increase investment and reduce disaster risks in their farms.

Vision fund Kenya Agribusiness loan portfolio

VisionFund Kenya. Karen Road, Off Ngong Road, P.O. BOX 1676 – 00200 Nairobi – Kenya.

Call VisionFund Kenya: +254 (0) 722 200 402 or +254 (0) 723 786 990 

19. SMEP Microfinance Bank

SMEP is a Christian bank aiming to transform lives. Their agribusiness loans are intended to promote modern technology in Agriculture for improved economic growth and livelihood as well as stabilize food security.

There are six different credit types within SMEP’s agribusiness loans. They include dairy farming loans, input financing, livelihood financing, agribusiness or agro-dealer loans, agricultural asset financing, and greenhouse financing. Learn more about SMEP’s credit types here or click this link to contact them.

20. Jitegemea

Jitegemea Credit scheme (JCS) or just Jitegemea is PCEA (Presbyterian Church of East Africa) project which aims to empower people by making social and financial programs available to them. Their Mazao Loan is an agribusiness product to support farming as a business in Kenya.

I could not find much information about this loan portfolio or additional support this organization extends to farmers. However, I found it necessary to list Jitegemea as one of the financial institutions offering agriculture loans to farmers in Kenya.

In case you would like to join Jitegemea credit for loans, here are their contact information.

Mobile: +254 722 207 637, 0733 207 000


21. F3 Life Company Limited

F3 Life is a start-up organization offering unique credit solutions to Kenyan farmers. It rewards borrowers with higher credit limits and low-interest rates. F3 Life’s clients also receive free farming advice. These advisory services are intended to help farmers to boost their farm incomes by gaining higher crop yields.

F3 Life promises to give farmers better borrowing terms. They encourage better water, grassland, soil, and reef management. Their approach builds clients with long-term bankable and sustainable businesses.

I could not find F3 Contacts or website addresses. I, therefore, welcome any reader with this information to share them with us in the comment section; your simple act could aid someone’s success a great deal!

22. Agri Finance Corporation

AFC is an organization that is owned and operated by Government Development Finance Institution (DFI). As one of the financial institutions offering agribusiness loans in Kenya, AFC has many agri-financing products including water development loans, Seasonal crop loans, Cash crop loans, School farming loans, Machinery loans, agribusiness loans, Microfinance group loans (for groups involved in the production or trading in agricultural products), and horticulture and floriculture development loans.

AFC pays special attention to youth who want to start or are already operating agricultural projects, but cannot access affordable loans. “There exist huge opportunities for the youth in agricultural micro and SMEs across the value chain.”

Their financing products for young people seek to empower youth (especially the unemployed) to engage in wealth creation. So, if you’re one, move fast and approach AFC to help you to raise funds for your first or ongoing agribusiness project.

Other Potential Financers

So far, we have ended up with a list of 22 financial institutions offering agribusiness loans to farmers in Kenya. However, there are other financial organizations you could consider that we have not discussed in detail. Some of them are Netafim and Amiran (which has irrigation finance packages for farmers involved in irrigation), Nuru International, East African Growers, Jamii Bora Bank, 4GCapital, and RAFODE.

As we wind up this blog post, our journey doesn’t end here. We’re actively researching more other financial institutions offering farming loans to farmers in Kenya to keep every young person informed.

That’s why we invite you to notify us of any other company you believe should be on this list and we will research. For those that we have listed, feel free to share your experiences with us in the comments section below.

Thanks for reading!

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