Top 20 best irrigation companies in Kenya

In one of my previous posts, discussed how parents and teachers discourage youth agripreneurship in Kenya. However, parents and teachers are not the only barriers to youth entry into agriculture, agribusiness, or farming in general. There are thousands of youth out there who are willing to invest their time and money in farming in Kenya but are held back by climate factors in areas where their farms are located.

About 80-89% of Kenyan land is either arid or semi-arid according to statistics. So, draught is obviously a primary challenge to youth agripreneurs. Most young agripreneurs in Kenya, myself included, know this. If you’re one of us, you’re probably wondering which are the best irrigation companies in Kenya in Kenya to help you turn your dry land into a wealth generator.

Kenya has several irrigation companies that offer irrigation system installation. If you already have the system installed, then these companies can help you with maintenance activities. So, if you’ve been wondering what are the top 20 irrigation companies in Kenya, then you’ve got the list here:

  1. Grekkon Ltd,
  2. SunCulture Ltd,
  3. Drifield Kenya Ltd,
  4. Adritex Kenya Limited,
  5. Glenrock Company Limited,
  6. Agro Irrigation & Pump Services Ltd,
  7. Elgon Kenya Limited,
  8. Drip Masters,
  9. Amiran Kenya,
  10. Panocal International Ltd,
  11. Farmwire Kenya LTD,
  12. Green Tech Irrigation,
  13. Pentair ltd,
  14. Eunidrip irrigation systems,
  15. Kickstart International, Inc,
  16. Irrifarm Technologies,
  17. Liquid Lever Kenya,
  18. Damliners Irrigation Systems,
  19. WaterLink Irrigation,
  20. SolarGen Technologies,

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