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As you may overheard, your website SPEED is a new criteria Google is using to determine your rankings on search results. Thus increasing the speed of your website is very important not just for search results but for your website visitor’s experience. There are many ways you can speed up your WordPress installation, here are a few I have worked on to improve  our clients WordPress sites.

But before we can start optimizing our WordPress blog/website we first need to see how long it takes to load it and what it’s size is. To be able to do that I would recommend using tools such as Pingdom.  Now you should be able to measure the progress i.e decrease in load time which translate to increase in speed.

So let’s start:

Upgrade WordPress
Keep your WordPress version up to date with the latest version.Upgrading to the latest WordPress version is necessary because upgrades usually include several performance upgrades and new features.

Remove Inactive Plugins
Most of the time, we try out new plugins but forget to deactivate or delete them. This causes unnecessary server load of unused scripts to our WordPress installation. It’s good to deactivate all those plugins you are not using and it’s even better to delete the inactive plugins.

W3 Total Cache Plugin
W3 total cache plugin is a must have plugin, its the fastest and most complete WordPress performance optimization plugin. It caches(minifies and compress) your pages, feeds, posts, and database.

Download W3 Total Cache Plugin

Use FREE CDN (Content Delivery Network)
A content delivery network (CDN) is a collection of web servers distributed across multiple locations to deliver content more efficiently to users. The user’s proximity to your web server has an impact on response times. Deploying your content across multiple, geographically dispersed servers will make your pages load faster from the user’s perspective. A content delivery network is used by almost all popular websites like google, twitter, mashable etc.

Using CDN is highly recommended as it reduces server load and bandwidth thus improves stability and availability. But they is a catch,commercial CDN are too expensive and most people can’t afford them. But there is a free alternative; Free CDN, it’s a plugin that rewrites your static files’ URL’s (JavaScripts, CSS, images etc.) so that they are served from powerful Coral’s server clusters instead of your own.Just activate the plugin!

Reduce Image Sizes
We usually use (lots of) images on our posts which put a high load on our web server. Reducing the size of images inturn speed up our blog/website too. You can use the WP Smush.it plugin for wordpress to compress the images. It will compress the images without much loss in quality and your site will load faster.

Optimize Database
Just like your computer hard disk, your WordPress database get fragmented.You should optimize your wordpress database every week. You can optimize your database via phpmyadmin or using a plugin. A highly recommend using a plugin, you can use: Optimize DB or WP DB Manager.

Flush the buffer
A web server has to generate a web site every time a person visits it. Usually the web server creates the whole HTML page code and then sends it to the visitor. It can takes around 200 – 500 milliseconds for the web server to put together the HTML page, during this time the browser remains idle.


By using php flush function, the web server can load the partially ready HTML response to the browser as it load the rest of the contents.

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