Ruto offers a rare defense to President Kenyatta

The rift between president Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy Dr. William Ruto is not a new phenomenon. By now, at least every Kenyan Citizen understands the looming a betrayal within the Jubilee party. “Married” prior to the 2013 election, President Kenyatta and William Ruto enjoyed cool moments throughout their first term and part of the second term until things got sour post the so called “handshake.” Ruto has since been an outsider in a government he himself brought to life while Kenyatta’s former competitor, Raila Odinga, has been celebrated an intimate relationship with his

While both Ruto and Raila desperately are seeking for Kenyatta’s support in 2020, the president recently made it clear that he would not support anyone come 2022. The declaration, which was made during his Kameme interview, did not only cause chaos both within the ODM Team and Jublee parties, but also ignited a fresh war between the Deputy and the opposition leader. Over the past one and half years, Raila and his team have been working closely with the president in a relationship that ultimately gave birth to the controversial and much talked about BBI.

However, just last week, Raila publicly claimed that Uhuru’s government has failed to deliver. That was a surprising statement, at least to Kenyans who remember that the same Odinga did or even said nothing in response to the public outcry concerning the increasing and stoppable public challenges such as the debt back in 2019/20. But Ruto is not a silent man. Just yesterday, the deputy responded to Raila’s claims in what is seemingly a rare defense of the retiring president. The second in command argued that the Jubilee government accomplished a lot including “7,500-Kilometres of tarmac roads; several killometers of standard gauge railway from Mombasa to Naivasha and constructed 140 new technical colleges, among other many achievements.” On the other hand, the Odinga’s team have been quick to outline UhuRuto’s failed promises like the laptop issue.


Well, it is no doubt that every Kenyan has their own take on what the government has achieved and that which it has not. So far, it has been more than 8 complete years since the Jubilee government came to power. The reality is that President Uhuru and his deputy have brought the country near its grave with huge public debts and high taxation burden, just to mention but a few. Therefore, to some extent, Odinga’s arguments are right. However, how much has he (Odinga) achieved for the country anyway? Going by the history of people surrounding him like Cyperian Awiti aka Akuba, one could argue without doubt that Odinga would have achieved nothing much were he the President. Do I need to mention that the ODM party Raila leads has a history of corruption and injustices? Some Pro-Raila are found of this common claim that he (Raila) is not responsible for the party’s misdeeds. Really, who then is responsible?

On the other hand, at least a few Kenyans know that SGR was and is still not a viable project anyway because the country is losing far more than it gain from it. Sometime in 2018, Ruto clearly mentioned that SGR is far more expensive to run than anyone can imagine. You can read this article if you did not know that SGR was unable to pay its running costs. This gives me solid ground to argue that William Ruto should stop using SGR as a political defense.

Similarly, talking at church service at Ruthimitu Mixed Secondary School in Dagoretti South Constituency in Nairobi yesterday, the deputy argued that the government has been able to build more technical colleges. My question is one; is the deputy aware that millions of poor youth are unable to afford these colleges due to increased tuition cost? Let the Deputy president and the opposition leader’s campaigns be based on manifestos with convincing development agendas and not propaganda talks.

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