Revealed! What Raila Junior paid Wambui Kibukosya’s father for dowry

Paying dowry is a traditional practice, at least among most Kenya tribes. Among the Luos and their neighbors, the Luyiah community, it is considerably hard, if not impossible, to find parents who will accept to give you their daughter for free. The interesting thing is that this tradition is a respecter of no man; it doesn’t matter whether your father is a hustler or dynasty.

Back in 2011, Raila’s youngest son, Junior, tied a knot with his baby mama Yvonne Wambui Kibukosya, in  a colorful wedding that left Kenyans with an everlasting memory. The two have been married for nearly a decade now, but their colorful wedding ceremony, that attracted political bigwigs including Odinga’s historical enemy, the late president Daniel Moi, remains crystal clear for many Kenyans. 

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However, what some do not know is that Junior paid 7 cows! Well, that would be shocking news to someone who knows that Odinga’s net worth falls somewhere above $50 million. Interestingly, for Yvonne’s dad, Kibukosya, it was all smiles. In a recent interview with the Nairobian, the 60-year old former musician, Mr. Kibukosya, could not hide his satisfaction with Odinga’s family. He described his in-laws as “good people.” Obviously, one may conclude the head of cattle was accompanied by a rich pocket. Whether that’s a fact or not remains a mere guess, but for Junior, things have not been smooth since he got married to Yvonne. For five years, Raila Junior revealed how they struggled with one of the worst challenges a couple could experience. 

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