Poultry Feeder Equipment: Four Types of Feeders To Feed Your Chickens

There is possibly no need to mention that poultry farming is one of the most lucrative agribusiness ideas for you to consider. However, to achieve maximum outcomes from your poultry projects in Kenya or anywhere, there are certain tools and equipment you must put in place. In a previous post, I described four types of drinkers to water your chickens. Now, in this particular article, I will be explaining four different types of feeder options.

What poultry feeders?

So, what are feeders anyway? These are the types of poultry equipment used for feeding poultry birds. Usually, food is deposited in the feeder from where the birds can eat it. It is worth saying that feeders come in different types and sizes, which means their prices vary greatly. Below, I described the most commonly used feeders: linear feeder, circular feeder, shell-grid box feeder, and automatic feeder.

Linear feeder

These are poultry feeders with a linear-shaped structure. They have a lips, which is an inside folding throughout the feeder length to prevent feed spillages during feeding. The materials used to make a linear feeder can vary from bamboo to wood to galvanized iron. I actually started with this feeder because they were so affordable and easy to use. In fact, if you are under a tight budget, you can cut the cost by making linear feeder from 2.5 or 3-meter iron sheets and round bar.

However, when buying linear feeder, be sure to select one with provisions for stability and height adjustment so that you are able to control the height at which your feeder stands while also ensuring that it is stable at the position that best fits your poultry birds.

Circular feeder 

These are half-manual and half-automatic semi-circular made from plastic. A circular feeder can hold from 5-7 kg. They are semi-automatic in the sense that once attached to the feed grill and suspended from a separate pipeline or the roof, the feeder can be delivered to the bottom slowly gravity; allowing the birds to access the feed easily. On challenge I notice with these feed is with the risk of feed wastage. However, attachment to feed grills prevents the excessive flow of feeds.

So, what are the benefits of circular feeders over the linear feeders? Well, the first point is obvious; you do not have to manually refill the feeder with new feeds all the time. For example, when full, the feed can last between 4-7 days depending on the number of age of your chickens. Thus, the circular, semi-automatic feeder obviously makes your work easier.

Secondly, with the circular feeder, you can easily control the amount of feeds available for your birds by adjusting the flow of feeds.

Shell grit box

This type of feeder is mostly used to provide layers with supplemental source of calcium.

Automatic feeder 

 An automatic feeder is a more advanced type of feeder with which feeds can be supplied automatically to the entire length of the poultry house. It is electricity-operated and consists of troughs with chain type or auger type devices meant to move the feed from the bins to the ends. It comes with an adjustment mechanism with which you can easily adjust the height of the feeder to suit your birds’ reach.

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