Mozambique hit by a deadly Tropical Cyclone Eloise

For most African countries, Tropical Cyclone Eloise are rare occurrences. In fact, most Africans in the age of 70s and above have never experienced Tropical Cyclone Eloise, and possibly, do not even understand what a Tropical Cyclone is all about. Well, for South Africa and Mozambique, Tropical Cyclone Eloise is understood by every human being living today.

In the early morning of 23rd January, the Mozambique’s city of Beira recorded one of its most recent Tropical Cyclone Eloise. According to The World Metrological Organization, the event resulted in widespread flooding and damage along the city’s coastal airline. Until 26th January, the affected area was still struggling to recover from an experience that left numerous neighborhoods floating on dirty water. Although the initial publication by the agency indicate no casualties have been documented so far, thousands of the city’s residents have been displaced by the torrential rainfall and flooding from Eloise.

Prior to crossing to Beira, Eloise had hit Madagascar, claiming at least one person; thanks to the Mozambican disaster management authorities for its provision of tents and accommodation centers for the affected families. However, still, local residents live in fear and dread of the incident.

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