Improved kienyeji chickens feeding guide for beginners

Improved kienyeji chicken feeding guide outlines the recommended feeding practice for improved kienyeji chickens. So, in this article, I will answer the following questions:

What kinds of feeds do I give my improved kienyeji chicken as they grow from day #1?

What type of feed is appropriate for my improved kienyeji birds?

If your question is any of these, read on because you’re at the right place.

To start with, having an excellent feeding formula is the most critical determinant of your success as an improved kienyeji chicken farmer. As you go through this improved kienyeji chicken feeding guide, just remember that the layers category of kienyeji birds requires different kinds of feeds at various times during their lifetime.

Chick mash (from day 1 to 8 weeks old)

From when your chicks are hatched to when they are eight weeks old, feed them on chick mash. Typically, a single chick will consume approximately 2kg of chick mash from Day1 to week 8.

Chick mash is rich in limestone, methionine, and salt that help your chicks build a good body frame.

Growers mash (from week 9 to week 18)

From the ninth week until the time the chicks attain the desired size and weight, give them growers mash. Each chicken will consume an estimated 7kg of growers’ mash from the ninth week until they reach the laying age.

Growers mash comprises maize germ, whole maize, say beans, cotton seed cake, fish meet, or sunflower. It helps your chicken to put on the weight and lay eggs earlier (around weeks 18 and 20).

Layers mash (from week 18 onwards)

Feed your improved kienyeji chicken with layers’ mash when immediately they start laying. You will notice that most first-time layers begin laying when they are 18 to 20 weeks old.

At this age, layers mash helps your improved kienyeji birds to lay quality eggs consistently.

Final thought

If you have been wondering what kinds of feeds to give your improved kienyeji chicken as they grow from day #1 or what feed is appropriate for your improved kienyeji birds, you have the answer.

Give your improved kienyeji chicken chick mash (from ay 1 to 8 weeks old), growers mash (from weeks 9 to about week 18 or 20), and layers mash (from week 18 or 20 onwards).

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