How to pay for DigiFarm inputs

DigiFarm is a product of Safaricom PLC that offers loans to farmers. It allows farmers to acquire farm inputs at affordable prices. My previous post describes several benefits farmers can get by joining the DigiFarm platform. With DigiFarm, you can apply for a loan and repay it upon harvesting. See my article on How to Apply for DigiFarm Mavuno Loan. So, how do you pay for DigiFarm inputs?

There are two ways to pay for DigiFarm farm inputs. You can pay as a contracted or non-contracted farmer. So, the procedure to follow depends on whether you’re a contracted farmer or not. So, in this short post, I will summarize how both contracted and non-contracted farmers can pay for DigiFarm inputs.

For a non-contracted farmers –Even if you are not a contracted farmer, it is still possible to access Safaricom DigiFarm inputs. To do that, you will make cash payments for the inputs. The payment is done through Safaricom’s Lipa Na M-Pesa. The till number to use will be provided to you by the Master Agent you’re buying from.

For contracted farmers –Contracted farmers can pay for DigiFarm farm inputs by redeeming the e-voucher issued by DigiFarm once their loan application is approved. To redeem your e-voucher and collect farm inputs, you should present the voucher to the DigiFarm Master Agent within 60 days of receiving it.

By DigiFarm inputs, we mean farm inputs DigiFarm registered members can get via the platform. Safaricom (in collaboration with iProcure offers access to agro-dealers across Kenya.

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