How much does it cost to start a poultry farming business?

In our beginners’ guide to a successful poultry farming business, we mentioned that you need to ask yourself how much it costs to start a poultry farming business before you set up a poultry farm. The article has a lot of juicy stuff and I strongly advise you to check it out if you’ve not.

Well, let’s turn to the current topic. First, you need to know that estimating the amount of initial capital for a poultry farming business is a challenging task. Of course, you’ll not lack suggestions on the amount of capital needed to start a poultry farming business.

So, before we dig deep into the question of how much it costs to start a poultry farming business, let’s take a quick look at some of the proposals I’ve seen so far.

The Poultry Site, a trusted sources source of information on poultry farming, estimates that a start-up farmer needs between $200,000 and $280,000 or more to start up a poultry farming project. The Kenyans Consult puts the initial cost between KSH. 50,000 and KSH. 780,000. For The Business Alert website, the startup capital for poultry farming falls somewhere between KSH. 25,000 and KSH. 30,000.

From these projections, you notice that opinions differ a lot when it comes to estimating how much it costs to start a poultry farming business; whether in Kenya, in the U.S, or anywhere. The honest truth, however, is that none of these estimates are absolutely accurate! Yes, not even one.

That’s because the initial capital you’re going to need to start a poultry farming business depends on so many factors that it is difficult to project with precision, how much that amount will be.

To help you with the estimation, re-evaluate your objectives and seek information from experienced poultry farmers in your locality; they’re likely to have a better idea of near-accurate financial expenses you’ll have to incur in your start-up stage.

Some of the factors that will dictate the amount of capital requirement include the scale of your poultry farming project, the location of your farm, your selected type of birds, the cost of poultry equipment the area where you intend to operate, and legal fees.

As you can see, most of these cost factors will vary depending on your location –country, county, etc. That’s why I believe consulting a couple of farmers in your neighborhood is an ideal way to estimate how much it will cost you to start a poultry farming business in your target area.

Again, while trying to predict the amount of initial capital your poultry farming project will require, be sure to take into consideration, the factors I mentioned above. You’ll also need to think about the cost of vaccination, feeds, construction of the poultry house, and labor.

Here is a table to help you with estimating your startup cost. You can down this table below

Table 1: Estimating the Cost of Starting a Chicken Farm
ItemsPer Unit CostTotal Cost
Housing construction  
Startup stock  
Medication (Vaccination & drugs)  
Business registration fees  

NOTE: The types of equipment you’ll need also depend on your objectives. There are many types of poultry equipment: Feeding, hatchery, water, brooder, egg handling, chick-growing equipment, etc. see this article for some suggestions on specific equipment. It is obvious that you might not need some of the equipment for the start.

My advice is simple: dream big, but start small. Remember there are no financial shortcuts to success in farming. By investing in a poultry farming business, you’re committing yourself to a continuous learning process.

You’ll make mistakes here and there and some of those faults will obviously cost you financially. However, you don’t want to lose too much money to errors.

So, try to resist the temptation of investing excessively in something you’ve not mastered yet.

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