How do you stop chickens from eating eggs?

Any poultry farmer who has encountered egg-eating behaviors in their birds understands how difficult it can be to stop the chicken from eating eggs. If you’re one, I feel your pain! Fortunately, however, there are ways you can stop chickens from eating their eggs. Here are a few tips to stop chickens from eating eggs

Reduce egg breaking or cracking

Do not allow your hens to interact with broken eggs, as this will cause them to experiment. Therefore, make the laying nests as safe as possible to prevent eggs from breaking.

Collect eggs frequently

Develop and maintain the habit of collecting eggs frequently. Regular collection limits the birds’ interactions with the eggs and reduces egg-eating risk.

A good practice is to collect the eggs at least 2-3 times a day or even more frequently, depending on the number of birds that lay eggs.

Keep the eggshells strong and healthy

A weak eggshell increases the risk of breaking. So, ensure that your birds get enough calcium in their diet, as this element strengthens eggshells.

Keep your chicken busy and happy

It is the habit of chickens to peck on anything, and eggs are no exception. Pecking is often expected when the chickens feel bored or stressed.

We keep the birds stress-free, busy, and happy. I like availing toys for my chickens to peck on when they feel bored.

Avoid feeding your birds with raw eggs

Feeding chicken with raw eggs is a mistake many farmers make, which costs them heavily. One inevitable truth is that using raw eggs as feeds introduces the chicken to the taste of raw eggs. As time goes by, they will begin eating eggs.

So, if you must supplement your chicken’s feeds with eggs, use cooked eggs instead of raw ones.

Use dummy eggs

If your hens have formed the habit of pecking eggs, you can eliminate this behavior using dummy eggs.

Replace real eggs with some dummy ones so that whenever they try to peck, they find it difficult. Eventually, the birds will give up the habit.

Use soap and mustard

Get an egg that your hen has pecked. Using a small hole in the egg, fill it with soap and mustard that looks like the yoke of a real egg. The nasty taste of the soap and mustard will probably stop the bird from eating eggs.

Assess the diet

I have discovered that most chickens resort to eating eggs because they lack enough protein and calcium. This means that providing hens with a protein-rich diet is another way to stop hens from eating eggs.

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