How can farmers benefit from DigiFarm Learning?

DigiFarm Learning is a training platform by Safaricom DigiFarm to educate farmers on the best farming practices to increase productivity.

So, how do you access DigiFarm learning materials and contents?

To begin with, you need to be a DigiFarm registered member. The registration process is free and open to all.

Once you register, there are two ways to access DigiFarm learning materials and contents.

Method #1:

If you have DigiFarm App installed on your mobile phone, just follow the following two steps

  • Open the application
  • From the home screen, select “Learn Module

Method #2

If you do not have the application installed on your mobile phone, access the learning module by following the steps below

  • Dial *944#
  • Select “Learn”
  • Select your preferred content from the list provided

You will receive an SMS with the learning content you requested for.

Available Topics

  1. Crop training: DigiFarm allows you to learn how to use “farming best practices” including the proper use of fungicides, pesticides, and herbicides to improve your crop yield.
  2. Dairy Farming: With DigiFarm learning, you will be able to discover how to increase milk production and reduce costs by following best practices in Health management, Breeding, milk handling, Housing, Record Keeping, and Feeding as well as milk production.
  3. Poultry Farming: DigiFarm Poultry Farming learning module educates farmers on ways to keep improved kienyeji chicken for agribusiness: On this topic, you’ll learn about chick-rearing, pests, and diseases, feeding, breeding, health, vaccination, farmer group, and housing.
  4. Financial education: DigiFarm Learning also contains educational content on ways to manage your money. In this module, you’ll cover topics on savings and borrowing.
  5. DigiFarm Loan Training:  DigiFarm training includes education on how to access or quality of DigiFarm loan services.

DigiFarm Learning is free for all registered farmers. The learning materials are all free of charge.

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