Five ways to learn poultry farming

Many young people out there do the mistake of going into the poultry farming business without first learning about what it entails. While there are uncountable ways to learn poultry, I am always startled that an increasing number poultry farming projects fail.

I understand that many of the potential farmers are afraid of investing in poultry farming for fear of failure. Adverse experiences also drive hundreds of farmers out of the market. Below is an example of a post I recently saw.

As a response to this post, here is my piece of advice: take time to understand an invesment before goind into it. The only way to do that is to thoroughly search, research, and inquire from people who already know about it.

Finding ways to learn about poultry farming will help you to avoid investment failures. I think putting your money into an investment about which you’ve no idea is the greatest form of carelessness.

So, before you pour your money into poultry farming, take your time to understand the investment. Here are five ways to learn poultry farming

1. Take a poultry farming course

A lot of people will advise you to take a course in poultry farming. You can easily find professional poultry trainers online. From Udemy to Coursera to many other websites, poultry farming trainers are everywhere.

However, as a young agribusiness investor with less capital, I couldn’t afford to spend my little cash on an online theoretical course.

So, how did I learn about poultry farming? I used the internet!

2. Find information online

My favorite method of learning anything I want to know about is by searching for information online. Thousands, if not millions, of blog posts, website content, and videos are available online for free. Thanks to the digital age; information is all around us.

I consider this to mean you can learn about the poultry farming business for free.

3. Watch videos on YouTube

Besides reading online articles and blog posts, invest your time in watching YouTube videos on how to start a poultry farming business.

YouTube is a free learning platform. Hundreds of poultry farmers are on YouTube posting free contents. I often utilize video materials from farmers like Dr. Daniel (from Farm-Up) for new farming tips.

4. Join a farming social media group

There are so many farming groups on social media. Some groups are focused on specific niches while others cover general topics. If you’re in Kenya, here are a few examples of Facebook Groups to consider joining.

Kienyeji Poultry Farmers

Poultry Farming/ Improved Kienyeji chicken


I’ve a membership with such groups and they are great learning platform for me. In fact, I use Facebook Groups to identify topics for my blog posts.

5. Network with experienced farmers

My other method of free learning is networking with experienced poultry farmers and experts. It’s a practical approach to acquiring new skills from people who already understand what I wish to do.

I also learn from open forums on social media. The number of Facebook groups, pages, and profiles on poultry farming is uncountable!

The good news is that all these options are at your disposal! You can learn about poultry farming without spending a cent.

Still, it’s definitely a good idea to take a paid course on how to start poultry farming if you can afford it.

If you take your take to learn properly, you will be able to

Evaluate your objectives to choose a poultry sector

Create a business plan for your poultry farming project

Understand the financial investment required

Select a suitable farm location

Establish a suitable poultry house

Know the types of poultry farming equipment equipment to acquire

Determine the expertise your farm needs

Network and find guidance from experienced poultry farmers and professionals

Discover how to better manage your poultry farm properly

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