Does large-scale eucalyptus farming affect the environment?

How does large-scale eucalyptus tree farming affect the environment? That’s a question you might be asking yourself as you think about investing in commercial trees in Kenya. The truth is that you are not alone. A lot of misconceptions surround the environmental impacts of eucalyptus spp (blue gum or the gum tree). It is often … Read more

What are the pros and cons of buying seedlings?

When starting up a commercial tree growing project, there are lots of decisions you have to make. The most difficult one is whether to buy seedlings or prepare the seedlings you need from scratch. Although I’ve experience with both, I may not tell you exactly which option to go by because you’ll need to consider … Read more

The Rich Are Buying Trees! Growing Trees and Growing Profits In Kenya

The growing of tree for commercial purposes is an investment that is continually attracting the attention of thousands of investors. But have you ever wondered why the rich are buying trees? In Kenya, politics is one of the most lucrative “jobs,” but one, George Nyanja, a former member of parliament for Limuru Constituency, abandoned active … Read more

How to Start Growing Commercial Trees in Kenya

So, how do you start a eucalyptus farming or commercial tree project? Here are some steps to follow Find a piece of land Land is the most essential requirement for anyone aspiring to start a growing trees for commercial purposes. Typically, you need at least an acre of land. There are several factors to consider … Read more

What is Eucalyptus species?

If you are not a tree specialist, a commercial tree grower, an environmentalist, then you may be wondering what eucalyptus grandis is. Well, this amazing tree belongs to a species of trees called eucalyptus which are commonly known by the name, “gum trees.” Its origin is traced to Australia where it is one of the … Read more