Africa’s potential to create wealth from agriculture

Africa has the potential to create wealth from agricultural activities. For one, the continent is rich in economic resources. It has sunshine, water, and arable land in abundance. But why is Africa food insecure and a leading importer of food? What justification has Africa for being the poorest continent? I know you’ve your own answers … Read more

“Wife Material Season 3 is Underway” –Eric Omondi Tells Fans

The Kenyan popular comedian, Eric Omondi, has assured Kenyans that Season three of his #WifeMaterial show will be premiered in less than a month. The controversial media personality has been on record for both good and wrong reasons. On the good side, Eric is loved by many for his humorous nature coupled with an outstanding … Read more

Google, Facebook to pay news publishers for using digital content

Google and Facebook are currently under pressure to pay for the content they report or show on their platforms. Google argues that it sells ads and not content. On the other hand, Facebook has responded to the pressure to pay for news content by switching off content display on its website, according to BBC News. … Read more

Sonko Transferred to Kamiti Maximum Prison

Ex-Nairobi governor, Mike Mbuvi Sonko, has been transferred to Kamiti Maximum Prison. Sonko, who was arrested on Feb. 1, 2021, is facing 12 charges including assault and robbery with violence. He has been in police customer for two days now and still waiting for the next hearing on Feb. 4, 2021, which will determine whether … Read more

Mike Sonko to spend another cold night in police cell

The impeached Nairobi governor, Mike Sonko, will have to spend another cold night in police cell. The fallen hero today denied twelve charges flattened against him. Sonko was on Tuesday, Feb 2, 2021 arrested and charged with assault and robbery with violence among 10 other charges, is reported to have claimed he is innocent and … Read more

Shake well before use: A rare boxing scene or call it “Osoro’s 4steps to losing a fight at a funeral”

The first day of February 2021 was the saddest day for some Kenyans, but indeed, the most interesting one for others. The former Prime Minister, Hon. Raila Odinga, and the DP William Ruto found themselves sharing the same podium at a Kisii funeral. The occasion, which had attracted leaders from the Tangatanga team and renown … Read more

Contractors who delay projects may soon be blacklisted

The problem of delays in government projects is not a new phenomenon in Kenya. However, to most Kenyans, the primary challenge is not even the fact that most state projects are never delivered on time. Instead, the key issue many citizens have is that whenever a delay occurs, no one seems to be ready to … Read more

Here is the least corrupt country worldwide

Corruption is a real challenge in our world today. It continues to attract a lot of attention because it damages the legitimacy of regimes, ultimately leading to the loss in public trust and support. Corruption also undermines the fairness of public and private institutions. Sadly, even countries like the United States traditionally known as “corrupt-free … Read more

Top 3 Most Successful Companies in Kenya

Over the last five years, hundreds, if not thousands, of Kenya’s companies have had to close down; sending their employees home to begin the tough life of joblessness. The list is long, but I have to mention that the following companies either stopped operating in Kenya or retrenched workers: Nakumatt, Woolworths, Softa Bottling Company, Sameer … Read more