Blogging Tips

Speed Up Your WordPress Website Blog

Increasing the speed of your website result in better search improves visitor’s experience. Simple methods to speed up your website include upgrading WordPress, Removing Inactive Plugins, use a Cache Plugin, Use Content Delivery Network (CDN), Reduce Image Size, Optimize database, and flash the buffer.

10 ways to secure your WordPress site

WordPress comes with many useful plugins for securing your websites, but there are also many ways you can make your site secure. Some suggestions include encrypting your dang login, keeping track of authors’ privilage, removing version info, maintaining a backup, regular scanning, protecting admin directory, using alpha-numeric passwords, and upgrading

6 ways web designers and developers can optimize sites for search engine optimization

  Web designers and developers have many responsibilities when it comes to building websites. From creating a solid layout for the front-end, to writing clean code so that the site runs bug free – there’s a lot involved. However, one thing that is often neglected and should fall on both the designer and developer is search engine …

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Basic SEO Tips

  Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a very complicated and delicate science. While not many people really understand how search engine like Google ranks websites, there are some basic things that one should concentrate on to improve the quality and quantity of traffic of a website. 1) Valid XHTML/CSSMake sure your site source code is valid …

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How to start a blog

  Over the past months, I have received numerous emails from people asking me this same question: how do I start my personal blog or website? Well, two years ago, I was also asking myself this same question. I spent several months searching the answer online, but could not get the full information I needed to …

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