Africa’s potential to create wealth from agriculture

Africa has the potential to create wealth from agricultural activities. For one, the continent is rich in economic resources. It has sunshine, water, and arable land in abundance. But why is Africa food insecure and a leading importer of food? What justification has Africa for being the poorest continent? I know you’ve your own answers … Read more

The government sets aside KE 100m to boost local potato production

A potato market in Nairobi

Following the recent KFC controversy, the Kenyan government has now set aside KE 100m to boost local potato production. Agriculture CS, Peter Munya, has clarified that the state, through the ministry of agriculture, will be working closely with farmers in three major potato-producing counties –Marakwet, Meru, and Nyandarua to improve the production of potatoes to … Read more

Heavy downpour kills thousands of sheep and goats in Marsabit County

Carcasses of sheep and goats strewn on the grazing fields in Ndare, Bulluk and Chalbi Ndogo areas in North Horr sub-county on January 18, 2021 following the heavy rains.

Livestock farmers in Marsabit County are now counting losses after floods caused by Monday’s heavy downpour kills thousands of their sheep and goats. Carcasses of sheep and goats were seen lying on grazing fields located at North Horr sub-county. In a phone interview with the nation, Silvester Mwangulu, the area’s Deputy County Commission reported that … Read more

“We cannot buy Kenyan potatoes,” says KFC

No to Kenyan potatoes

The American fast-food restaurant chain, KFC, which also operates in Kenya, recently hit the headlines after announcing that they cannot buy Kenyan Potatoes. In an interview with Business Daily, Jacques Theunissen, the CEO of KFC East Africa, explained that their store ran out of stock due to a disruption on the potatoes supply chain caused … Read more

The feed crisis in Kenya: How the shortage of animal feeds is affecting Kenya’s agribusiness industry

The shortage and high cost of animal feeds are some of the biggest barriers to the success of Kenya’s agribusiness sector. Since 2016, the cost of livestock feeds has been rising –a situation that has forced many dairy and poultry farmers to quit their once-lucrative businesses. For many Kenyan farmers, feed manufacturers are to blame … Read more

I Quit My Accountant Job to Start Poultry Farming: I don’t Regret

A lot of success stories have been told about poultry farming and how this agribusiness niche has pulled some people out of abject poverty. Indeed, there is little doubt that some of these stories are exaggerated. However, it is also a fact that there are thousands of genuine success stories to demonstrate how profitable poultry … Read more

Kenya Has Massive Opportunities in the Aquaculture Industry

The fish farming sector is one of the most underperforming industries in Kenya. Apparently, Kenya’s local fish production is unable to meet the demand for fish and fish products. Worse, the fish industry is experiencing a steady decline in terms of supply while the demand for fish and fish products remains on the rise. Lately, … Read more