Contractors who delay projects may soon be blacklisted

The problem of delays in government projects is not a new phenomenon in Kenya. However, to most Kenyans, the primary challenge is not even the fact that most state projects are never delivered on time. Instead, the key issue many citizens have is that whenever a delay occurs, no one seems to be ready to take responsibility. In most cases, it always ends up in a blame game among contractors and leaders at the national and county levels. On February 1, 2021, the DP William Ruto Stated that the government to reallocate a road construction project in Kisii to a different contractor because the original contractor had failed to deliver the project on time. The same happened in Siasa where governor Cornel Rasanga blamed Contractors for delay projects and MCAs for failing to supervise the project leading to poor work.

From these previous and ongoing occurrence, it is almost clear that the contractors are to blame. Consequently, the State department of Trade, Industrialization and Enterprise, has declared it will blacklist all suppliers and contractors lagging in implementing governments’ projects. The declaration was made by Cabinet Administrative Secretary, Lawrence Karanja, who was speaking in Ol Kalou Town in Nyandarua County where he inspected the construction of Sh100 million Nyandarua vegetable and potato cold storage. Mr. Karanja noted that the government will no longer tolerate contractors who delays the implementation of government projects.

But what does the blacklisting really mean for contractors? Well, a blacklisted contractor has little to no opportunity to contract with the government in the future. It means your company has been declared unworthy of credit, and therefore, does not deserve to even apply for tenders. Thus, to enter into any contracts or dealings, the contractor has to strive to clear their companies.

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