Barely a week and Joe Biden has overturned mountains of Trump’s regulations!

The U.S’ 46th President, Joe Biden is barely a week in the White House. The new head of state was inaugurated on 20th of January 2021, replacing the controversial one-term, retired president Donald Trump. Within the few hours he has been in power, Joe Biden has made significant transformations confirming the obvious fact that his administration will be the complete opposite of Trump’s. During the inauguration ceremony, the President, whose supporters consider America’s new hope vowed to “restore the sole of this country” by leading with respect for others. In addition to demonstrating his own commitment, Biden delivered a stern warning to anyone who will attempt not to follow his team’s promise of not “with respect.” By now, Trump must be even a sadder man than he has ever been in the past considering that the majority of his administration’s former policies are being overturned just hours after he left the office. Here is a list of 14 things Joe Biden has changed since he officially took office on the evening of the 20th January.

  1. Rejoining of the World Health Organization. Trump administration sent letters authorizing America’s withdrawal from WHO.
  2. Fired Trump-appointed labor board general Peter Robb
  3. Ended Trump’s restrictions on travel on several Muslim countries.
  4. Withdrew the 1776 Commission created by Trump’s government
  5. Rejoined the Paris Climate Accord through an executive order
  6. Reversed components of immigration enforcement expansion under Trump’s administration
  7. Released an executive order requiring the Office of Management and Budget to review Trump administration’s regulatory approval process
  8. Ordered the inclusion of non-American citizens in the Census
  9. Paused the installation of the new border security along the Mexico-US border.
  10. Prepared plans to reverse key abortion policy restricting funding for oversea abortion providers –as was the case under Trump’s administration.
  11. Ended Trump government’s “Remain in Mexico Policy” also called the Migrant Protection Protocols Policy.
  12. Delivered a comprehensive immigration bill to the Congress to undo the Trump’s legacy.
  13. Revealed that he intends to revoke transgender military ban initially placed by the Trump administration.
  14. Withdrawal of Trump Administration order limiting diversity training

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