Five types of improved kienyeji breed in Kenya

Five types of improved kienyeji breed in Kenya

Today, every poultry farmer is looking for a high-productivity yield that is less prone to diseases and easy to manage. In Kenya, improved kienyeji breeds have become a good option for many farmers. What many beginner poultry farmers don’t know, however, is that, unlike pure Kienyeji, there are at least five types of improved kienyeji … Read more

Five ways to learn poultry farming

10 ways to learn poultry farming

Many young people out there do the mistake of going into the poultry farming business without first learning about what it entails. While there are uncountable ways to learn poultry, I am always startled that an increasing number poultry farming projects fail. I understand that many of the potential farmers are afraid of investing in … Read more

Why you should have a poultry farming business plan?

Poultry farming business plan

As you ponder over how to start a poultry farming business, think about creating a business plan for the project. A business plan is a document that outlines your business’ goals, operations, industry, market objectives, and financials. But why do you need a business plan for your poultry farming business anyway? First, having a comprehensive … Read more

Selecting a site for a new poultry farm

Selecting a site for a new poultry farm

Selecting a site for a poultry farm is not a challenging task as long as you understand what an ideal business location is all about. However, you need to remember that your poultry farm will host birds that can be a nuisance to your neighbors. Therefore, there are certain factors to consider when choosing a … Read more

How much does it cost to start a poultry farming business?

How much does it cost to start a poultry farming business

In our beginners’ guide to a successful poultry farming business, we mentioned that you need to ask yourself how much it costs to start a poultry farming business before you set up a poultry farm. The article has a lot of juicy stuff and I strongly advise you to check it out if you’ve not. … Read more

Youth Enterprise Development Fund to transform your agribusiness

youth enterprise development fund

Youth Enterprise Development Fund, what is it and why should you care about it? Kenya, with over 75% of our population below age 35, is taking some crucial steps to boost the sector’s productivity. The government is paying special attention to empowering young agripreneurs considering the country is already facing severe youth unemployment. As I … Read more

Africa’s potential to create wealth from agriculture

Africa has the potential to create wealth from agricultural activities. For one, the continent is rich in economic resources. It has sunshine, water, and arable land in abundance. But why is Africa food insecure and a leading importer of food? What justification has Africa for being the poorest continent? I know you’ve your own answers … Read more

DigiFarm mavuno loan insurance cover

DigiFarm mavuno loan insurance cover

I have posted a couple of articles on DigiFarm. I have introduced what this program is as well as its potential benefits to farmers. In this blog post, I would like us to briefly talk about the DigiFarm Mavuno loan and insurance cover. What is DigiFarm Mavuno Loan? DigiFarm Mavuno Loan is a loan offered … Read more