Are Americans and Africans willing to receive Pfizer and BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine?

Late last year, Pfizer and BioNTech presented to the world, the first COVID-19 vaccine. The American biopharmaceutical companies reported that its vaccine would effectively protect people against potential illnesses related to the dangerous virus. However, since the distribution and use of the vaccine began, there have been several conspiracy theories surrounding its safety with some claiming that it would have long-term impacts on the health of recipients. We described some of these issues in our previous articles, which you can read here. in which we reviewed the major complaints including the argument that Pfizer failed to conduct proper testing prior to issuing the vaccine to the world.

Nevertheless, even with strong criticisms from critics who believe Pfizer may be putting human health at a great risk, the vaccine continues to be distributed worldwide. Approximately 20.7 million Americans had received at least one dose of a Covid-19 vaccine and that about 3.8 million people had been fully vaccinated by Feb 1, 2020 according to CDC. As the vaccination continues, a key question that has emerged is whether people will accept the vaccination.  

A recent Pew Research survey shows that 4 out of 10 or 39% Americans are not ready to get vaccinated. Why are the 39% Americans unwilling to get the COVID-19 vaccine? Gallup Poll had the following findings:

“37% of Americans who would not get a vaccine say the rushed timeline for the development of the vaccine is the main reason they would not be vaccinated. Another 26% say they want to wait to confirm the vaccine is safe. Rounding out the reasons for some Americans’ hesitancy are 12% saying they don’t trust vaccines in general and 10% who want to wait to see how effective the vaccine will be.”

In developing nations such as those in Asia and Africa, the number of people who are unwilling to get vaccinated is, however, lower compared to the U.S and the UK. A survey carried out in several African countries by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reveals that eight in 10 Africans would take a Covid-19 vaccine if the vaccine was effective, safe, and publicly available. Only 2 out of 10 Africans said they will not take COVID-19 vaccine. The big question now is whether employers will make the COVID-19 vaccination a mandatory requirement in the workplace. Already, there are indications that some employers may not accept a “no to COVID-19 vaccine” for an answer from their employees. This means that as an employee, you may have to choose between two options: either receive the vaccination or lose your job.

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