A pig farmer counting losses after Kenya Power disconnects electricity from his farm

If there is one company that is killing businesses in our country, it is KPLC. In addition to overcharging consumers, KPLC’s electricity supply service is becoming more and more unreliable and this is costing business owners a fortune. Ask those SME operators whose operations solely depend on KPLC’s power supply and they will tell you how problematic power outage is to them.

But there is even a more serious challenge with KPLC; the claim of illegal connections. Here is the story.

In Nandi County, a pig farmer is now counting losses amounting to no less than 100k after KPLC’s agents reportedly cut off electricity supply to his farm over claims of illegal connections.

The unnamed farmer started pig farming in 2015 when he approached KPLC for a connection. In an interview with Nation, the farmer disclosed to have paid KE 4,000 for the service. Everything went on smoothly and the farmer was happy to his vision come true. For 6 years until 2021, he has been spending KE 1,500 monthly on electricity. The farmer said that he pays the amount through his meter via Lipa Na MPESA.
However, on December 16, 2021, he was visited by KPLC agents who, without prior notice or proper explanation, proceeded to disconnect the power supply to the customer’s farm. The unscrupulous agents brought down cables and cut the transmission poles into pieces using a power saw.

“Wakafika nyumbani hapa, wakaniambia mzee stima yako tunakata [sababu] it is illegal.”

After performing this act of injustice, the agents left the stranded customer with connection cables and pieces of useless transmission poles. With no alternative source to power his refrigerators and freezers, the affected farmer had to bury 200kg of rotten pork worth KE 100k.

One would wonder on what grounds KPLC had actually acted. How valid are their claims of illegal connections here?

If the farmer’s report is anything to go by, all the legal protocols had been followed to get the farm connected to electricity. Transmission poles, cables, meter –everything used in the connections was the properties of Kenya Power. The question is; who authorized the ‘illegal connection’?

I think this is just one of the thousands of fraudulent actions KPLC has been committing against millions of its customers and killing thousands of small businesses that have no bribe to the big bosses. It is also an indication of the company’s misuse of monopoly powers.

It is time to never let KPLC run away from taking responsibility; let them compensate this poor farmer for the losses he incurred.

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