Heavy downpour kills thousands of sheep and goats in Marsabit County

Livestock farmers in Marsabit County are now counting losses after floods caused by Monday’s heavy downpour kills thousands of their sheep and goats. Carcasses of sheep and goats were seen lying on grazing fields located at North Horr sub-county.

In a phone interview with the nation, Silvester Mwangulu, the area’s Deputy County Commission reported that the rains had cut off herders from rushing the animals to safety leading to the death of over 5,000 sheep and goats.

“On Monday night, a few areas in North Horr sub-county, especially along the Ethiopia-Kenya border, experienced a heavy downpour which was accompanied by a hailstorm, leading to the deaths of over 5,00 goats and sheep,” Mr. Mwangulu said, linking the sudden loss to the effects of a hailstorm on the trip and flock.

The heavy rains are reported to have hit the area after a prolonged period of drought that started in May last year.

According to the herders, only 100 animals survived the flood but many of the survivors are likely to die following their deteriorated health condition. Mr. Mwangulu asked the government to extend a hand of help to the affected livestock farmers who are now facing great food shortages for their remaining animals.

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