A fresh fight errapts between Willy Paul and Bahati

If you don’t believe that your best friend and career-mate can one day become your worst enemy, then you need to think twice because Willy Paul and Bahati will prove you wrong. A year or two ago, the two Kenyan Gospel artists were known to be the best friends in town. They spent time together and even paid regular visits to each other. In fact, in one interview, Bahati was quoted saying “Huyu bro yangu Willy nampenda sana, hata juzi nilikuwa na yeye. Ni ufala tuu anakuwanga nayo, we talk every week, tunavisitiana studio and all that. There is no beef, hiyo ilikuwa utoto ya kitambo.” But that “warm love” is long gone because, right now, what remains is not even a trace of it.

The latest fight between the two just happened this week on Tuesday 26th January 2020. It all started when Bahati made a polite Tweet about the much talked about relationship between Diamond and his Kenyan beautiful queen, Tanasha Dona. In the tweet, Bahati seemed to advise the Tanzanian Bongo artist to rethink his relationship with Tanasha. Here is the Tweet.

Interestingly, to Willy Paul, that was an opportunity to grab. In reply to the post, the former gospel artist, who shifted to the secular world was quick to throw some dirty comments, saying:

 “You are very right. Wewe ni paka…Unalia saanaaa.”

Bahati did not take the comment lightly. He decided to give Willy’s response its equal.

“Umenimiss Umeamua unifuate hadi hapa Enyewe You Really Love Me…..I Love You too My Sister.

The fight left music fans wondering what actually transpired between Paul and Baha.

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