5 Compelling Reasons You Should Start Advertising Your Farm Produce on Your Own Website or Blog

In one of my recent posts, I explained 5 Reasons Why Farmers Should Have a Blog. In that article, I illustrated that your farm blog can be your advertisement platform. In this post, I will give you 5 Compelling Reasons You Should Start Advertising Your Farm Produce on Your Own Website or Blog. Without wasting time, let’s begin:

#1: You won’t pay for placing ads on your website

You own the website, which means you can place as many ads as you wish for free. By contrast, advertising on social media can be very costly. For example, if you can’t pay for Facebook ads, you better forget about advertising on Facebook. I just did a quick web search on how much it does cost to advertise on Facebook and below is what I got from webfx.com. At a glance, the costs look relatively affordable. However, what if you wanted to run several ads throughout the year to market your farm produce? It would be too costly, right? On your blog or site, you’ll advertise for free. I am not saying that social media marketing is bad. It’s really a good strategy to get customers for your farm produce. However, advertising via your website provides you with cost-saving benefits.

#2: No one will block your ads

Do you know that Facebook can decide to block your ads and even shut down your ad account? Sometime, the ban is even done mistakenly. At times, Facebook has genuine reasons to block ads. However, other times, their reasons are hard to get. You’ll never wake up one day to find the ads place by you (not AdSense) on your website blocked unless your site is under a security threat.  

#3: You have full control over your ad placement

When you advertise on social media, the company has all the control over your ad placement. Some companies will allow you to decide on your own ad placement, but again, that has to comply with their policies. Unfortunately, those policies don’t always serve your interest. The moment you violate any of them, you’ll either receive a warning, a suspension, or if you’re unlucky enough, a ban. None of that will happen to you when you advertise on your website.

#4: No other products will be competing your offerings

Have you ever wondered why some of your Facebook ads expire without a single client asking about the product? Yeah, it happens to small businesses and it did happen to me several times. One of the reasons your social media ads don’t work is competition. Your ads have to compete against thousands of similar ads placed by your competitors. If your ads were on your website, chances are high that your web visitors would have noticed them.

#5: Your products will likely appear on search results when search terms meet your keyword:

Oops! I ought to have had this one as the first point because it is too important to appear last on the list! What can really be better than having your agribusiness and its products or services appear on the Google Search results? The moment this happens; your sales will definitely increase; meaning you’ll be making more money via your website.

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