5 Compelling Reasons Why Farmers Should Have a Blog

Farming is lucrative if you do it right. And one way to do it right is to use modern technology. Everywhere, young farmers are effectively using social media platforms to access expert advice, communicate to customers, market farm produce, and share ideas. However, not many farmers understand the power of owning a website for their farming ventures. In this blog post, I’ll share with you 5 compelling reasons every farmer should consider having a farm or agribusiness website.

#1: Owning a website adds to your income

Do you know that a website is a property capable of generating passive income just like a real estate business –rental, apartment etc.? Yes. It is and there are many ways you can make money from your farm blog or website. If you’re doubting, you can check Money Diary for some 14 ways to make money with a website or Website Setup to discover 33 Ways to Monetize a Website/Blog.

The point is that by owning a website, you have an opportunity to generate additional income from your farming ventures. If you checked the above articles, you must have discovered that sharing your agribusiness experiences or selling your own or someone else’s products on your site can be good ways to generate more income at the comfort of your home as a farmer.

#2: You can earn money training people

Unlike decades ago, today’s internet users want to learn from content creators who actually do what they teach. That’s because one who teaches what he does educates out of practical or firsthand experiences. As an agribusiness investor and a blogger myself, you may find my content more credible and trustable because I “preach” something I practice! The good thing is that there are millions and millions of people looking for high quality information from credible sources. I wish all practicing farmers just knew how many young people are outside there looking for an opportunity to learn from them. If you are practicing farmer, I would tell you for sure that some of these people will be willing to pay you to train them! And that’s really good news, right? All you need to do is to create quality content, provide services that solve their problems, and stay reachable. Soon, you will begin receiving emails and phone calls from web visitors requesting you to accept their money.

#3: A website houses all your contents so you can make money from your creation

I see a lot of young people spending their valuable times publishing content on social media. Indeed, it is good to share your stories online, teach, and entertain your social media followers. After all, frequently posting pictures, stories, and the likes on your social media page or timeline gives you an opportunity to get free likes, comments, and connections. However, the truth is that unless you are earning some cash from it, it’s all a waste of time and energy. I will tell you why.

The first fact you need to notice is that you don’t own your social media account. The company –Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc –does. That means any time they feel like you violated their policies, they’ll lock you out. Sadly, chances are that you won’t do anything to change their decision if, in fact, you truly mess up with them; weather intentionally or accidentally. I recently had my Facebook page blocked just because I changed the name –and I had to do so because I was rebranding. They claimed the new name was misleading people. But believe me, that was total lie because I already changed the page description so, my followers and those who had liked my page could clearly see everything.

Anyway, it doesn’t matter how many followers you had; your content will be discarded and you’ll never again have access to it. In other words, all the time you had spent creating the posts, making connections, replying to comments, and doing all those sorts of things on your social media account shall have been wasted.

Again, do I need to remind you that your social media followers care less about your old posts? That’s really true, but what does it mean to those posts that once trended? Most, if not all, of them will remain buried deep inside Facebook, Twitter etc.; never to be read again. Moreover, an average user has approximately 2 hours and 25 minutes to spend social media. With tons and tons of news feed coming their way, they’ll have no time searching for your old posts otherwise for specific reasons. My point is that on social media, your followers are looking for something new, something hot, something interesting; latest posts.

However, if you had your content centralized on a single blog, people will find your posts even after several years. That’s because contents on a website are ranked better by search engines, which means your posts will appear on Google search results and anyone who clicks the link to your website will find your content.

Finally, let’s look at it from the finance side. As a business person, making money from my content is key me. So, whenever I sit down to create contents like this one you are now reading, I just don’t do it for the sake of it and you shouldn’t either. Creating quality contents takes time, and of cause, money. Therefore, unless I have very good reasons, I won’t write a blog post or Facebook post that doesn’t create financial value for me.

In other words, content is money and you should always strive to generate some extra cash out of your content! As a farmer, having a website where you post contents –your ideas, stories, pictures, whatever –is just one way to monetize your content. I know there are ways you can monetize your social media content, but why not do so from a website you own?

#4: A website can be a marketplace for your farm produce

This is an obvious point. There are currently 4.28 billion unique mobile internet users worldwide, representing around 54.6 percent of the global population according to Statista. That means you are losing big if your farm produces are found nowhere on the web. In a century ruled by technology, the internet should be your first marketplace. Owning a website will definitely create an opportunity for you to display your products and services online, and thus, make them accessible to your target customers. It’s true that social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc equally offer you the chance to market your products. However, there are a lot of benefits that come with marketing through your own website or blog as opposed to relying on social media. Here are some advantages I see with advertising on your own website as opposed to doing so on social media.

#5: Your website can be your dairy

Coming to this point, the first question that may have come to your mind is obvious: why is keeping a diary an important practice for a farmer? Quickly, let me mention that your dairy is the record of your day-to-day agribusiness or farm activities. Thus, as a farmer, your diary can combine a broad range of information including financial records, breeding records, production records, animal or crop identification information and many more. Keeping this information on a dairy not only aid your management efforts, but also gives you a point of reference. Of cause, you could decide to keep such data in hard copy records or on web-based platforms like Google Drive where only you or other authorized parties can access it. That’s important and necessary especially when dealing with private financial or other confidential data.

However, if the information is non-sensitive, let’s say like breeding records, why not share it on your website so that other farmers can learn about agribusiness record keeping from you? I can assure you that many farmers, myself included, are struggling with farm record keeping for profits. So, if your records can prove you an expert in that area, you’ll definitely make money from training. And in that case, you’ve additional income just by sharing your agribusiness records.

Also, your farm’s diary will be a source of information for your descendants to learn from. I wish my late father had created a blog for his farm records when he was an active farmer. I would be studying those records daily.

Wrap Up

The agribusiness industry is becoming more attractive day-by-day and many people –both youth and old–are already investing or considering investing in this lucrative sector. In Kenya, a large pool of young generation of farmers is rising up and these tech-savvy individuals are integrating technology into their agribusiness projects. Thanks to platforms like DigiFarm, for demonstrating that farming can be more profitable if we learn to use technology. To all young farmers out there, my message to you is simple: we can’t farm as though we were living in the 18th or 19th century. The internet is here for all of us. If you still don’t own a blog or website, waste no more time. Start investing in a blog today!

Good luck in your agribusiness ventures.

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